Why Choose Kemisoft Consulting?

Expertise Makes the Difference

At Kemisoft we are a Certified Salesforce service provider that offers our customers Digital Advisory and Consultancy services. As professionals in digital transformation strategy, road mapping, architecture, and delivery of key business functions using Salesforce and the associated ecosystem we assist in the drive for change.


Our delivery team has built our specialization through over 25 years of experience with Enterprise Applications in Fortune 500 companies, Financial Services, Sales driven organizations, Manufacturing and Government organizations. Kemisoft has a history of assessing, identifying, architecting, and delivering digital transformation projects for teams that are made up of 100’s of users and with companies that are exceeding $10M in annual revenues.


Kemisoft consulting services are geared around Salesforce core applications, specifically Sales and Services Clouds, MuleSoft, Business Process Automation, Data Analysis and Business Intelligence.​

Digital transformation projects bring value to any organization. They are intended to deliver on company initiatives such as increased sales, improved customer experiences, streamlined operations and enhancing communications, just to highlight a few. The challenge with digital transformation is the end goal can be clear but the path to achieve it is regularly complex.


Therefore, Kemisoft has the processes we do because you need to make sure the project succeeds for your company. Kemisoft takes the time to understand the technical and license requirements, the full scope of each phase of the project, a clear implementation plan, the data sources that are involved, what applications are affected, testing new technologies and rolling out new processes can all be part of the project plan.


If you are looking to do a transformational project that has Salesforce at the core, then you need to talk to Kemisoft!

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