IT Solutions
for Your Industry

Sales Driven Organizations (Retail, Services, etc)

Sales driven organizations are continuing to grow in this ever changing world. Both B2B and B2C companies are finding out there processes are not always meeting the demands of the clients.

Kemisoft is aiding organizations with the process automation component of their digital transformation projects and helping companies increase their document creation speed with less errors and easier approval processes. In one case we helped a client go from a 48 hour turnaround time on a quote to 5 minutes.

Financial Services

In an industry that is facing unprecedented change and disruption, the technology you are using to automate your processes are being tested on a whole new level.


Kemisoft is providing organizations with expert guidance, digital transformation designs and implementation of solutions that are enabling your teams to engage with your customers more effectively and efficiently from wherever they are located.

Field Services

Whether your organization is in the Energy sector, Property Management, Business Services sector, or have a Contingent Workforce, the ability to effectively manager your field services employees has always been challenging.


Kemisoft is helping connect your remote, field and contracted employees by empowering them to complete their work orders regardless of where they are working. By deploying the proper solutions, your Field Services employees will have increased data accuracy because they can record the information on their mobile device on site, and offline, and then connect back to the infrastructure once they are online again.


Government organizations are a prime example of organizations attempting to solve the largest IT problem. In a world where the digital pressures on organizations continues to mount because of the Internet of Things (IoT), mobile device usage, big data collection and the continual transition to Cloud and SaaS solutions, IT departments are struggling to deliver at a capacity that equals demand.


Kemisoft is helping government organizations develop infrastructures that leverage integration platforms to enable cross application communication, increased data access and enhanced customer experiences.